A new friend is calling for you, meet My Lovely Llama! The cutest llama that you can ride both, indoors and outdoors. You can also make colourful pompoms for you and your llama and it will blow you kisses if you hug it. It’s LLAMAzing!
A battery ride-on llama, that you can easily ride whit its rains wherever you want; forwards/backwards/right/left. Suitable for indoor or outdoor, and max speed up to 3km/h.
You can make colourful pompons to decorate your llama and spend even more hours of fun; it will be the cutest llama! And you can also make your own bracelets.
The icing on the cake! If you hug it, llama will blow you kisses, Smack! Smack! And its cheeks light up! Wow!
Its rains are reversible! When you don’t want to ride it, just pull easily from its rains and carry it along with you everywhere!
It will only take you 10 minutes. Just assembly the head, connect the battery and start playing with your llama!
Strong, stable, safe and of course funny for the little ones, guaranteed by FEBER.