Do you know why it's so fun to play with Feber?
In 1956 we founded Feber in Ibi, Alicante. Due to its long-standing tradition of toy production, this whole area is known as “Toy Valley.”

Over the course of these years, innovation, safety and comfort have defined us  and our products.
All Feber toys are designed and produced at our Spanish factory. We have a team of creative professionals and engineers that see to each and every detail, to offer high-quality, innovative products whose designs are adapted to meet children’s needs.

Day after day we strive for our toys to become children’s best companions. Our objective is for them – in addition to having fun and learning – to do so with the utmost safety. In recognition of this we boast AENOR ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS18001 certifications attesting to the  excellence and quality of our processes, from design and manufacture to post-sale service.

We have won the confidence of parents, regulation bodies, and the industry. This is why in 2005 we were acquired by Famosa, Spain’s leading toy manufacturer. Since then we have risen to the top, step by step, developing into Spain’s leader in our category: tricycles, walkers, rideons, and outdoors.

Now you know why our toys are…  irresistible!



At Feber we are dedicated to developing high-quality products to ensure that children have an excellent and safe play experience. Would you like to form part of the Feber experience? In this section you can find all the videos that we have produced for you to learn more about us.

Feber Ride-ons

Feber World


The ultimate car for kids!

Cruise round in style in the super cool single secter Range Rover Sport

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Educational values
FEBER's whole range of products is designed respecting the developemental values.